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There are various walking aids which can help people with impaired ability to walk and wheelchairs or mobility scooters for more severe disability or longer journeys which would otherwise be undertaken on foot. For people who are blind or visually impaired the white cane and guide dog have a long history of use. Other aids can help with mobility or transfer within a building or where there are changes of level.
SpinLife only carries high quality wheelchairs from the best manufacturers.  There are probably 250 or more basic chairs available in the US, and it would be an exhausting process for you to sort through them and pick the right one for your needs, so we do the work for you!  Our merchandising team, with years of industry experience,  picks the best quality, selection and value of chairs and then makes it easy to find the right chair to meet your needs.  Many sites just throw everything on their website….the choice is overwhelming, confusing, and frankly ridiculous.  At SpinLife, you can buy with complete confidence that if we carry it, we think it is high quality AND great value.  So while you might find a cheap wheelchair at another site it may not be the best choice for your needs. If you need assistance choosing a wheelchair feel free to call our Product Experts.
Medical canes are non-weight bearing mobility aids that provide one-sided balance support for independent walkers who need some help with stability. Low-cost and lightweight, walking canes are the ideal aid for anyone who needs something to help prevent loss of balance when they’re partially unsteady on their feet. Canes are available in many varieties, including quad canes for additional balance support, as well as convenient folding canes and seat canes.

A walker (also known as a Zimmer frame) is the most stable walking aid and consists of a freestanding metal framework with three or more points of contact which the user places in front of them and then grips during movement. The points of contact may be either fixed rubber ferrules as with crutches and canes, or wheels, or a combination of both. Wheeled walkers are also known as rollators. Many of these walkers also come with an inbuilt seat so that the user may rest during use and with metal pouches to carry personal belongings.
"It could be a little more comfortable, the seat on it could use a cushion, I feel like I'm sitting on rocks and I don't want to get hemorrhoids. The legs on it could be a little longer, but thats ok because I'm shrinking anyways and I'll fit into it eventually. I would really love if this just came with attachments for when we go out, it's hard to find a place to put my things, but I'm not going to complain too much, it does the job and gets me where I need to go."
If you'd like a little more luxury than the last option, but still want to be able to fit into small spaces, I'd recommend another Silver Sport model by Drive Medical. Though it is an inch wider than its more basic counterpart, this model allows you to recline, a feature anyone is sure to enjoy. Plus, its swing-away legrests and durable, lightweight frame allow for even more ease of motion.

If you're a fan of the manual wheelchair look, but the electric wheelchair power, then this is the perfect option for you. Besides its obvious versatility and ease of transport, I like how you can choose a back height for the chair (anywhere from 15'' to 19''). It can hold up to 300 pounds and even has a programmable controller, so you can further personalize it.

Other options for extreme mobility limitations are patient lifts and access ramps. These mobility aids are used to help caregivers and family easily care for their loved ones. Patient lifts are designed to lift as much as a quarter-ton of weight, yet still remain transportable and easy to maneuver around the home. Hoyer has been a big name in the patient lift business for years, and their originally designed Lift which has been imitated by many, is still used today worldwide and remains a mobility aid bestseller. Access ramps help to allow persons with limited mobility gain access to buildings and facilities they normally would not normally be able to access. Whether it is in the backyard at home, or the pool at the local rec center, access ramps are an often overlooked set of mobility aids, but are often worth their weight in gold. They can range in design from the standard door threshold ramps, to fully immersive pool ladders and must be considered when purchasing mobility aids.

For those who need a higher weight capacity in their manual wheelchair, a heavy duty/high weight capacity wheelchair is your best option. Spinlife has a wide selection of heavy duty wheelchairs that feature weight carrying capabilities of up to 1000 pounds, with seats as wide as 30 inches. Many models have reinforced frames and a variety of seat widths, armrests casters and upholstery to meet many of your needs.
For more permanent issues and extended recovery times, wheelchairs or power scooters may be better suited mobility aids. Wheelchairs allow people with lower body injuries or paralysis to remain mobile and productive. Wheelchairs can be constructed out of durable and heavy duty steel like the Excel Manual Wheelchair, making them perfect mobility aids for clinical environments, or extended usages. Many wheelchairs are now made out of lightweight aluminum, and like the Drive Pollywog Transport Wheelchair, can be used as a transport chair or a fully functioning wheelchair. Powered versions are also available for people suffering from advanced mobility concerns. Mobility Scooters are wonderful mobility aids designed for persons with limited strength and mobility issues, specifically built to help users regain their freedom and independence. They allow the user to become more self-reliant, minimizing the stress and strain on family, friends and neighbors. Scooters provide unmatched mobility and range for persons previously unable to leave the house. Pride Mobility offers many different scooters available in 3 and 4 wheel designs, lightweight and heavy duty chassis, and can a few like the ZipR Travel Scooter, that can be easily disassembled for travel. These and dozens more mobility aids truly revolutionize the lives of their users, allowing them to live a full and active life without boundaries or limitations.

The purchase of mobility products often raises many questions. For example: powered vs manual, folding vs rigid or lightweight vs heavy duty . Our customer service people understand the wheelchair buying process and are ready to provide you with the information you need. Whether you're looking to buy for yourself or family members, we make buying mobility products easy. We've helped thousands of people buy wheelchairs and scooters, including individual persons, hospitals, prisons, rehab clinics, medical supply shops and malls.

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